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Use a Bicycle Seat on Your Exercise Bike!

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The Most Comfortable

             Air Cushioned Exercise Bike Seat 
                       Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Air Seat Exercise Bike Seat
For Road Bicycles and Exercise Bikes.    

NEW - Air Adjustable Exercise Bike Seat - Pump up to fit your unique comfort level.

7-1/4" wide x 9-1/2" long

Our Price $59.95



  • Great for exercise bikes
  • Pumps up to your personal preference for maximum comfort
  • Uses standard bike pump to inflate (max. 5 psi)
  • Any crash damage, easily repaired with normal tire repair kit.
  • Washable and removable lycra cover with Velcro style fasteners
  • Made in Germany

Guaranteed Comfort Or Your Money Back!

Note For Exercise Bike Owners:
Please note that exercise bike manufactures do not use a standardized mounting hardware. If you need a seat adaptor, we have them in stock.  You can use this seat or almost any other seat on your exercise bike.  
Mounting may require an adapter kit. 
Choose the right adaptor
Seat adaptors instructions.  

If you have a question regarding compatibility give us a call. 

Adaptor Kits (You only need an adaptor kit for exercise bikes.)

with 3 Hole Universal
Adaptor Kit
Fits: Tunturi, ProSport and Vital Fitness 
Exercise Bikes.
  Maker/Model List

with 4 Hole Universal
Adaptor Kit
Fits: ProForm, Weslo, 
and Nordic Exercise Bikes.
  Maker/Model List 

with Custom Adaptor  
Fits: Any Exercise Bike. 

with Round Post Seat Clamp
7/8" diameter 
Only used for older style bicycles

The air cushioned bicycle seat -- because life is already hard enough.

Adjustable between soft and firm, according to your preference. Acts as a shock absorber.  The end of painful bicycle riding, like riding on a cloud. A soft cushion of air molds itself to fit your form, Individually adjustable using a normal bicycle pump.

The Air Seat optimizes the distribution of pressure between the soft tissues and crotch taking weight off the sit bones. Bicycle riding has never been such a pleasure.

The bicycle seat you have been waiting for...

Steel base plate and mounting base
UV resistant rubber bladder
Can be repaired like an inner tube using a tire puncture repair kit
Removable and washable black spandex outer cover
Inflate using a normal bicycle pump do not use high-pressure air compressor
To deflate unscrew valve guard and release air
Fits all normal seat posts
During wet weather removed the cover when you park your bicycle. If the cover gets wet, remove the cover, dry, and then replace the cover

You may need an exercise bike seat adaptor.
Choose the right adaptor.    Seat adaptors instructions.  
Then adjust from soft to firm for maximum comfort using a normal bicycle pump.

The Air Seat can be pumped up to a maximum pressure of 5 psi (pounds per square inch). 
Approximately 5 to eight pumps. Do not over-inflate.

Enjoy the ride -- you can readjust the air pressure any time. Ride for 60 minutes then re-adjust as necessary. Ride for 60 minutes between adjustments.


The Air Seat has a three-year guarantee

During the guarantee period, we will repair or replace this seat due to problems caused by manufacturing defects. This does not apply in case of damage due to negligence, crashes, normal wear and tear, or using in a manner inconsistent with normal use.
Leaking air can be solved by the user with a normal bicycle tire repair kit. This is not covered as a manufacturing defect. Over-inflation voids all warranties.




Spinning Classes


See The Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat Available. 
Guaranteed or Your Money Back!   Comfortable Bicycle Seats



Use our Selle Italia bicycle seats on your street bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, comfort bikes, plus fits exercise bikes or stationary bikes too. 

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